Happy Birthday, Dong and Yan!

Happy Birthday, Dong and Yan!
Are they making a wish?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Its getting real...

I've been a member of a web community which tracks referrals, letters of acceptance, travel authorizations...we celebrate together on line, we pound our collective heads at the frustrations inherent in the process, we commiserate with those who seem stuck in bureaucracy, and the good list owners publish a chart of where everyone is in the process. We moved 2 weeks ago from the "waiting for LOA" list with much fanfare to the bottom of the "waiting for the TA (travel authority) list" - and expected a 5 week wait. Yesterday, two weeks later, the China Center for adoption affairs issued TAs to almost everyone ahead of us on the list. We're now pretty close to the top. It is just barely conceiveable that we will receive TA next week. Of course it could be another three months...who knows. But probably in the next week or two.

I'm SOOOO not ready. I'm SOOOOOOO ready. I"m so conflicted!

I have a house to clean, beds to move, sheets to find, trinkets to pack up, clothing to unearth (its still winter here but 90 degrees in Chengdu...so gotta find the summer stuff buried in the garage). I have to choose cabinets and door hardware, clean the fridge out (yuck), and get the inn ready for the season. Get ready to move houses. We're out of town 4 days next week, 3 days the following...AARGH!!!!!!

All in God's good time.

Wow. Its happening

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  1. Hi Nancy,
    I was so where you are right now. Excited, scared, panicked and with sooooo much to do...except I only needed to clean my house. Thank goodness I only had one house to clean. These are very normal feelings. Just remember...God found a family for two sweet little children who deserve more than they have right now. He wanted you to be these children's parents very much like He planned the rest of your family. Now, remember, you are traveling to China to get two beautiful children. Don't worry about the small stuff...it always gets done. You will be just fine. And remember, so many of us in the adoption community where right where you are now and we made it. It is incredibly stressful though, I grant you that. I remember the night before we met Rebecca, I panicked about how to pay for my oldest's college education...and that was before our economy went south. It is amazing what we worry about, isn't it? Take care and enjoy this period of waiting...and take care of yourself as you would need to if this was a pregnancy...in many ways it is a kind of pregnancy.