Happy Birthday, Dong and Yan!

Happy Birthday, Dong and Yan!
Are they making a wish?

Friday, February 27, 2009


Thank goodness for on line chat groups, and especially for Brita (Yan's "california boyfriend's" mom...) who confirmed with her son that Dong is NOT doing Tai Chi in the photo but is doing the Ultraman move. Yes, the same ultraman from the late 1960s in the US is all the rage in China and Japan among the under 4-foot-tall boy set. Who would have known! It is good to have some means of connection - if we become an Ultraman family, so be it.

On another note, things are progressing slowly here. I got two matching sweaters for the new kids today that coordinate with ones Mary and Addy have - I've never color and style coordinated a whole family before! This is fun.

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