Happy Birthday, Dong and Yan!

Happy Birthday, Dong and Yan!
Are they making a wish?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Back at Home

We made it. after a 35 hour flight home with four kids (one barfing with air sickness, one barfing with a migraine) and a 2 hour delay in chicago, we are happily at home.

the kids - Yani and Taddy - are fantastic. Tad is like a 5 year old, but already after only a week he is giving us eyecontact, responding to his name and our instructions (turn off the tv etc) and not wearing ALL his breakfast...

Yani is a peach - smart as a whip and with a silly sense of humor. she will be a handful. And a fashionista. has discovered marys high heels, my jewellery, and is entralled by my makeup...Loves dresses.

both love the swimming pool which is where we will be later this afternoon.

i'll post photos and details later, but wanted to let you all know we are ok.


  1. yaayy! i'm so glad you are finally home!

  2. Welcome home! It sounds like the trip back could have been more pleasant but by now everyone is showered, changed, and happy which is what counts. Have a wonderful 4th with your new little Americans!

  3. Welcome home, friends!

    We made it home with our sick little sweet pea. She had a 102.5 degree fever the entire trip to LA. Bad mommy that I am, I packed the kid meds in my luggage and didn't realize Q was sick until we were already on the plane. I was too scared to say anything to the flight attendants. I was afraid we'd be booted of the plane in Tokyo.

    Cheeky Q has already been to the doc. Poked, prodded and pricked, but she took it all like the tough cookie she is. Now she is on antibiotics and feeling much better. Too bad my other four are getting sick!

  4. So glad you all made it back safe! Have a happy Independence Day :-) Big Hugs from Mindy, Tom and the boys!

  5. Your two look so cute! I am glad that everything is going well. We are doing well too with Sophia. She won't sleep alone though, so we are having to work through that.