Happy Birthday, Dong and Yan!

Happy Birthday, Dong and Yan!
Are they making a wish?

Monday, March 30, 2009



Today we received word that we have our LOA - the "Letter of Acceptance" from China. The China Center for Adoption Affairs has reviewed all of our affairs (and believe me, the mountains of paperwork we sent ensured they have every detail of our lives documented, stamped and sealed) and has officially said "yep, you can adopt Yan and Dong". This LOA came a full month earlier than we had really expected.

Now, we wait for our Travel Authority (TA) (Adopting internationally is a world of abbreviations! I thought the Army was bad, but it has nothing on this!), then our CA (Consular appointment), in preparation for GD (Gotcha Day. I think this is a dumb name but hey, it is the recognized name for the day you get your kids!). OMG. Realistically 4-8 weeks. Probably 6-8. But still, that means travel beginning in MAY. Happy birthday to me... Zhu ni shengri kwaile...

sooo much to do now. Yippeeee.


  1. Just found your blog from RQ. These are 2 gorgeous children!! I can't wait to follow your journey.

  2. Nancy,

    Looks like we may could actually be in china the same time?!! We sent our i800 approval to china on friday, march 27. It should have arrived sometime last week. I'll follow your blog closely these next few days/weeks to see if we get our TAs at the same time. How long did you wait for your loa? Ours was 100 days. julia.